The Pig Simulator 2 VR

Who let the pigs out?

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Embark on an unforgettable VR journey in 'Pig Simulator 2 VR'! Experience life through the eyes of a farm pig in a vast, open-world environment. Explore rolling fields, interact with other farm animals, and discover hidden corners of your barnyard home. As you roam freely, uncover interactive elements that bring the farm to life. 'Pig Simulator 2 VR' combines playful exploration with a touch of mystery - what does a day in the life of a pig truly entail? Dive into this immersive world, where curiosity leads to adventure and every corner holds a new story!

Parental Guidance Suggested: While 'Pig Simulator 2 VR' offers an engaging exploration of farm life, it also presents realistic aspects of a pig’s life, including situations where the pig may get hurt. These elements reflect the realities of industrial meat production. We advise parental discretion and recommend that parents review the game to decide if it is suitable for their children. Please note that as the creators, we are not responsible for any psychological impact that may arise from these aspects of the game. Our aim is to educate and inform, but we understand the sensitivity of these topics and urge parental guidance.

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